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At Ktima Kissa we are the carriers of a deeply rooted wine-making tradition that has started back in 1949 and today is in its third generation already.

Our story and our creations are inexorably linked to the very place where we are rooted: the enchanting, history-rich mountainous areas of Corinth in Peloponnese, Greece.

Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional wines

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Our story and our creations are inexorably linked to the very place where we are rooted: the enchanting, history-rich mountainous areas of Corinth in Peloponnese, Greece.

Pinot Noir

  • Tasting notesThe color is ruby, while the nose is expressive with aromas of strawberry liquer, cardammon seeds and hints of cacao. The mouth is fruity, with good acidity, medium silky tannins and long raspberry finish.
  • InfoCompleting 70 years of continuous winemaking since the beginning of our winery back at 1949, we decided to release this special wine in a limited number of bottles. Our high altitude, non-irrigated, privately owned vineyards on the slopes of the Black Mountain of Corinth, allowed us to cultivate this demanding variety that loves cold. Harvest is performed by hand and vinification is performed with minimum interventions. After alcoholic fermentation, wine is transferred into French oak barrels where it matures for up to 12 months until it is bottled unfined and unfiltered.
  • Food pairingsPinot noir pairs great with game, white meat and even fatty fishes like salmon. It is served at 16 – 18oC.

Mikros Dromos | Roze

  • Tasting notesThe color is light pink with the nose being intense and characteristic of Moschofilero. Rose aromas like rose loukoumi are the protagonists followed by citrus fruits. All those aromas, with the same intensity, continue in the mouth which is rich and refreshing, due to the acidity gifted from the mountain, with an aftertaste that lasts.
  • InfoMikros Dromos on its rose version, comes from a Single Block from the mountainous Moschofilero vineyard on the slopes of the Black Mountain (Mavro Oros) of Corinth. The vineyards begin at an elevation of 750 m. on sandy loam soils on slopes with high inclination. As a result, excellent drainage is achieved with the water retained being just enough to allow the vines to survive without irrigation. Harvest by hand in small 20 Kg bins, cold soak for a few hours, fermentation at low controlled temperature and gentle handling throughout the whole winemaking process results in this wine’s great finesse.
  • Food pairingsThe wine pairs beautifully with a big variety of light dishes, from pasta like risotto with shrimps, sushi to fish or salads with fruits. However, it can also easily stand on its own like an aperitif. Served chilled at 9 – 11 oC.

Mavrioros | Malagouzia

  • Tasting notesMavrioros is translucent, with lemony-yellow and green hues. It is characterized by an intense nose dominated by the presence of fleshy fruits -especially peach-complemented by botanical notes and discreet tones of violet and jasmine. Its mouth is defined by intense acidity and freshness, while it has a lengthy aftertaste centered on stimulating lime notes.
  • InfoThis creation is a tribute to the Black Mountain in Corinth, our place of origin. Mavrioros is characterful wine, coming exclusively from a single vineyard that is perched at an altitude of 800 meters at the slopes of Black Mountain (Chelydorea). Dry-farming in loam soil and great drainage lead to exquisite aroma concentrations that lift-off the true potential of the Malagousia variety.
  • Food pairingsMavrioros complements perfectly seafood, white meats and pasta, as well as dishes of Asian and esp. Japanese cuisine. Ideally served at 8 – 10 oC.

Mikros Dromos | Moschofilero

  • Tasting notesMikros Dromos is translucent with a hay-blonde hues. Flowers, and particularly rose aromas are the protagonists in terms of nose, complemented by the notable contribution of lemon and tropical fruits. Acidity makes its presence felt in terms of mouth, offering coolness and freshness, while afternotes reminiscent of lemon flowers complete the sensory loop.
  • InfoA fine wine, coming exclusively from a single vineyard that at an altitude of 750 meters. This is a rather demanding plot that nevertheless is worth every bit of the effort invested to it. Unique mesoclimate characteristics, high inclinations and dry farming come harmoniously together, securing low yields and a loud expression of Moshofiero’s particular aromatic character.
  • Food pairingsMikros Dromos is a superb companion to fish and seafood, white meat, salads, goat and salty cheese. Ideally served at 8 – 10 oC.

Pentanemi (Savvatiano & Malagouzia)

  • Tasting notesPentanemi has a characteristic hay-yellow soft color with a rich and fatty body. This is a wine that stands out for its surprising freshness, highlighted by the presence of stone fruit aromas as well as lemon peel and lime notes that come together in perfect harmony.
  • InfoThis distinctive creation of ours draws its name from the unruly winds that blow to our vineyards from all the directions of the horizon, bringing along with them great gifts. For Pentanemi, selected Savvatiano and Malagouzia plots are the soul of this blend contributing their very best - and this balanced and rich wine is the result of their coming together.
  • Food pairingsEnjoy Pentanemi’s full glory in combination with seafood, salty cheeses, white meats and salads or just on its own as aperitif. Served ideally at 8 – 10 oC.

Stournaropetra | Assyrtiko

  • Tasting notesStournaropetra has a distinctive mellow lemon-yellow color. Its powerful aromatic mark lies at the very heart of what this wine is about. Its aromas are governed by tones of lemon, lime, apricot, jasmine and honey. A rich body with amplified acidity and a lengthy aftertaste complete its idiosyncratic charisma.
  • InfoStournaropetra is a special kind of stone that dominates the mountainous terrain where our Assyrtiko plots can be found. This is a stubborn and punishing terrain – but all of its caprices can be forgiven since it breathes life to a wine of highly expressive character, with aromatic qualities like no other.
  • Food pairingsBring to life Stournaropetra’s full-blown potential by combining it with fish and seafood, white meats, salads, goat and salty cheeses. Served ideally at 8 – 10 oC.

Ktima KissaThe Vineyard

Our vineyards benefit from the unique terroir of the local mountain slopes at an altitude of up to 900 meters, and a gentle breeze coming from the Corinthian gulf.

Our passion and nature’s blessings come together to create wines bristling with character and individuality, each with a special story to share.

IntroducingThe Grapes varietals


Malagousia is currently one of the most recognizable Greek varieties. It’s a very sensitive variety which is difficult to grow and this might be the reason why its cultivation was abandoned. However, understanding Malagousia true potential led to plantings all around Greece, which are constantly growing. As a result, Malagousia has been able to present a variety of successful styles, from dry to sweet, still or sparkling, with or without barrel aging, each one of those being very interesting. All those expressions however have as a common the expressive nose, with stone and citrus fruits as the protagonists, and the freshness in the mouth.


One of the varieties – ambassadors of Greek wine, Moschofilero is a gray skinned variety which produces mostly white wines, with the pink version slowly picking up ground. It is cultivated mainly in Peloponnese and mostly at Mantinia plateau. As a variety, it loves high elevation and gives aromatic wines with fruity and intense floral character. In the mouth, it’s usually light bodied with medium to high acidity, characteristics that explain the freshness and vibrancy of Moschofilero.


Assyrtiko is probably the most recognizable Greek variety. It originates from the island of Santorini from where it became famous from both the dry and sweet wine styles. Assyrtiko is now cultivated also in the rest of Greece, escaping a bit from the austere mineral character of Santorini, adding to the wines more fruit and aromatic intensity. However, the common characteristics of Assyrtiko in whichever region it is cultivated, are the high acidities and the outstanding structure, which established the wine as one of consumers’ favorites.


Savvatiano is one of the most widely planted Greek varieties but also one of the most underrated. The reason is that it was the basis for low quality retsina and other blends which harmed the reputation of Greek wine. In recent years however, the variety gained momentum, since under the right techniques gives wines that stand out for their balance and their ability to pair with most foods, while at the same time proving to have significant aging potential.

Where there is not wine,
there is no love. Euripides, Greece

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